July 21, 2022: After a number of months of “Blursday,” here are some links to more poetry online: “The poem “Zen Patriarch Dōgen Honors the Life of a Lotus” has been published in the Summer, 2022 issue of Gyroscope — read it here. Please note: This link will take you to the page at Gyroscope that displays the Summer 2022 cover. Click on the cover to access the PDF of the issue, then scroll down to p. 65 of that file (“p. 58” in the Table of Contents). Two other poems were previously published in Gyroscope as well: “Sheep” appeared in the Spring, 2020 issue (p. 66 of the file, “p. 65” in the TOC), and “Lobsang Dzogchen Rinpoche Hears the Song of Milarepa” appeared in the Winter, 2021 issue (p. 39 of the file, “p. 30” in the TOC). These poems can be accessed on Gyroscope’s “previous issues” page here. Scroll down to the issue, click on the cover, and then scroll down to the poem as per the pages above.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re interested in reading further in this journal, Gyroscope is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle formats. Easiest is to simply search on Amazon for the journal and the relevant issue; e.g., “Gyroscope, Summer, 2022.” I’m sure they’d appreciate your support.

Three poems reprinted from other journals were published recently in Arlington Literary Journal (ArLiJo). Read them here. “When Robots Came of Age” was originally published in Atlanta Review; “The Baptismal Rite of Ants” in Chautauqua; and “My Life in Silage” in Freshwater. Thanks to all these journals for their support!

For a rather distinct change of pace, you might find “The Mushroom Growing Out of My Head,” published in Thin Air here. It’s a piece of flash fiction that describes a decidedly strange form of transformation.

February 5, 2020: The poem, “Paradise,” about the killing of Philandro Castile by a Minneapolis police officer, has been published in Ellipsis. You can access it through the Ellipsis website here by clicking on Vol. 56, 2020, then scrolling down to p. 45 of the file (“p. 39” in the Table of Contents.)

October 19, 2019: A number of JKZ’s poems have appeared online in recent months. Here are the links to those poems: Cider Press Review, Sky Island Journal (scroll down to approximately the middle of the file), Leaping Clear (3 poems), Lunch Ticket, and Snapdragon.

January, 2019: Two of JKZ’s poems, “Kasyapa” and “Education,” have been published online at Tipton Poetry Journal. They can be read here: Tipton Poetry Journal #39. The print version of the journal can also be purchased on Amazon.com.

August 27, 2019: The poem “This Is the End of Winter, This Is the Beginning” is the winner of the E.E. Cummings Award from the New England Poetry Club. Enjoy it!

This Is the End of Winter,

This Is the Beginning

I know I should not

pick up by hand this

mess of gray fur, russet

fur. Bones. Teeth.

The holly branch clipped

last fall has waited

here on the ground

since November,

survived the white

of snow, the freezing,

to be slid under

the carcass, to flip

the shell of life into

the hedge of arbor vitae.

I see, I think, a rabbit leg.

And look: The lawn

wants to be green.

July, 2018: Four of JKZ’s poems are published online by Adelaide Magazine. All of them are “travel” poems, one of which is a persona poem.  Here’s the link: Adelaide

November, 2017: Four poems are published in The Worcester Review — Vol. XXXVIII, #1&2. one of the poems, “Watching the Film About Robert Bly,” can be read here: BLY. Copies can be purchased on the journal’s website. And here’s the link to the journal’s home page:  The Worcester Review

September, 2017: More poems on Bibliotekos, including one about hate crimes and the harassment and murder of people of color in this country, and another about the genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. The link: Poems of Witness

12/18/16 — Two more poems have been published on Bibliotekos, including Donald Trump’s own personal rap song.  You can read them here: More Protest Series

11/27/16 — Four poems and one short prose piece have been published on Bibliotekos as part of their “Protest Series” — a group of writings addressing current sociocultural and political issues in the US.  Here’s the link: Bibliotekos Protest Series

7/15/16 — Three poems have been posted in the online anthology at eco-poetry.org , edited by Daniela GioseffiEco-poetry.org is a compendium of poems about Earth and the environment by current, modern, and classical poets.  Thanks to Ms. Gioseffi for making a wonderful and significant contribution to the voice for climate change and support of our ailing mother Gaia.  Look under “Table of Contents” on the site for a list of the poets represented, or you can go directly to the three JKZ poems here:  eco-poetry.org 3 poems

Read and/or listen to JKZ reading “Epiphany” aloud — as published in Vallum as their Poem of the Week 2-29-16 — here.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your “inheritance” at the Paterson poetry center. I would like to consider as a concluding poem at an annual remembrance ceremony. Would you please share a copy so I can present it for consideration by our committee?


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