If you’re interested in purchasing “Little Miracles”, here are links:  https://squareup.com/market/passager or at http://www.passagerbooks.com/books/.  Just scroll down and click on the book’s cover — the blue butterfly.

If you’re in or around Pleasantville, NY, “Little Miracles” is also available at the Village Bookstore at 10 Washington St.  Please support your local independent bookseller!

“Family Cookout”, the title poem of the book “Family Cookout”, has been posted as a featured poem in the May issue of Winning Writers.  Here’s the link:  Winning Writers

The poem “Ben” has been published in Snapdragon, an online subscription-only journal.  You can access the Spring, 2016 issue, “Nourishment” (which includes the poem) here, by paying the “subscription” fee of $5.

Read and/or listen to JKZ reading “Epiphany” aloud — as published in Vallum as their Poem of the Week 2-29-16 — here.

See three poems by JKZ here, published in SNReview.

Here is a reading at LIU/Post sponsored by the journal Confrontation (audio only).

Here is a link to Cloudbank, where the poem “Snowshoeing Mt. Tom” won the Cloudbank Poetry Award.

And here’s a link to an article about the connections between neurobiology and the creative process, originally published in ASEBL JournalThe “Beyond-Selfness” of Poetry.


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